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The Independent Mind: Learning to Live a Life of Freedom

Osho, "The Independent Mind: Learning to Live a Life of Freedom"
ISBN: 1938755790 | 2017 | EPUB | 145 pages | 1 MB

Although the word 'psychology' does not come up in this book, this early work by Osho shows his deep understanding of the subject and his attempt to make the connection between meditation and a modern understanding of psychology that includes the importance that our minds play in determining and giving direction, on many levels, to our lives.
Osho has taught for many years that meditation is not a religious exercise but a scientific method to understand what the mind is, and how it works, and to learn how to create a healthy distance from what is, in many ways, a programmed and robot-like mechanism that seems to be dominating our lives and decisions and activities more and more – and not always in a positive way.
As Osho has said so often, beginning many decades ago - that humanity is afflicted by a deep and fundamental insanity, and that we initiate each new generation of children into that madness - is now becoming more and more obvious.
The children who refuse to be initiated into that madness will appear rebellious or mad to their elders, who persist with the best intentions to force them onto the same path, to participate in the same madness. "It is utterly dangerous to be sane in this world," Osho says. "A sane person has to pay a heavy price for his sanity."
Osho pleads in this book for what he calls an independent mind, independent thinking – and challenges us to question our belief that we are already great independent minds, a belief based on the lack of understanding that our thoughts mostly come from others, like a computer program full of malware downloaded into our brains.

"What I mean by the thinking state is that you should have eyes, what I mean is the ability to think on your own. But I don't mean a crowd of thoughts. We all have a crowd of thoughts within us, but we don't have thinking within us. So many thoughts go on moving within us, but the power of thinking has not been awakened."
In his early days of teaching Osho ran meditation camps in which he introduced people into meditation, and his morning and evening talks created the framework of understanding for this work. This book is a fascinating record of one of these camps – in a short period of three days Osho introduces his participants to an understanding that our minds are running on malware programs – and he introduces meditation as an antivirus to clean our minds of the conditionings and indoctrinations that are preventing us from realizing our full potential and to be happy.
"In the coming three days I will talk to you about the search for life…I must first say that life is not what we understand it to be. Until this is clear to us, and we recognize in our hearts that what we think of as life is not life at all, the search for the true life cannot begin."
"When you have something authentically your own in your mind, you start moving toward the soul. Then you become worthy, then you are able to know the soul. Until you have an independent mind, it is simply impossible for individuality to be born."
What Now, Adam?: The Book of Men

Osho, Osho International Foundation, "What Now, Adam?: The Book of Men"
English | 2017 | ISBN: 1938755421 | 225 pages | EPUB | 0.9 MB

After decades in which women have started to take control of their own lives and have stepped out of old roles and restrictions to become independent of men, the focus now turns to men. The question at hand is, “What now Adam?

Men's liberation has not happened yet. Not only women but men also need a great liberation movement–liberation from the past, from the slavery of life-negating values and social conditionings that have been imposed upon them for thousands of years.

"Man needs a new psychology to understand himself,“ says Osho, and the basic understanding that needs to be deeply imbibed and experienced is that no man is just male and no woman is just female; each man is both man and woman, and so is each woman - woman and man. Adam has Eve in him, and Eve has Adam in her. In fact, nobody is just Adam and nobody is just Eve: we are Adam-Eves. This is one of the greatest insights ever attained.

But throughout history men have been conditioned to deny and reject their feminine qualities, to suppress their so-called "feminine" responses and feelings, and this has been reflected in the suppression of the female element in the outer world. Unless each man can start to discover his own inner woman, he is going to be tied up in a frustrating search for female qualities on the outside, in the outer woman. Each man needs to reintegrate his feminine qualities in order to become healthy and whole, complete within himself.

Unless the individual man starts to come out of his robot-like, mechanical functioning and unawareness and begins to live his life with self-love, awareness, and deep respect for his real nature, there seems to be no chance that our world can escape global suicide.

"Being a man or being a woman is an accident" says Osho. "Just like being a German or an Indian is an accident, being black or white is an accident – all of these things are not our choices - but you are lost in the accidents! You are too worried about them, your whole time and energy is wasted in them, and you become so occupied with the non-essential that the essential is forgotten."

The essential for Osho is what he calls the being – simply the being – which is not accidental, but is destined. Rather than trying to figure out what it is to be a man, Osho suggests to find “that which is absolutely destined. That is your nature, that is your essence.”

In his playful and insightful way Osho looks at all of the different facets of the varying roles men play, showing how these qualities have shaped and influenced society. He shows how energies that are so often channeled into aggression and negativity can be transformed into creativity and personal evolution, and provides meditative techniques as a practical aid to moving through this process.

The book functions as a mirror, using common archetypes to structure the wealth of material that is available from Osho on the subject of Men's Liberation. These archetypes - Adam, The Robot, The Beggar, The Lover, The Politician, The Gambler, The Creator, and so on - should not be understood as fixed types of character or personality but simply useful descriptions of certain tendencies, conditionings, and trained behavior patterns of the personality, common to all of us.

As Osho indicates, our reality lies beyond all these stereotypes and categories. The archetypal concepts are used to help us recognize our particular mind-sets and then move beyond the mind’s limitations and confinements. To go beyond the personality and discover the original face, the real and essential self.
Life Is a Soap Bubble: 100 Ways to Look at Life (Repost)

Osho, "Life Is a Soap Bubble: 100 Ways to Look at Life"
2014 | ISBN: 1938755995 | 190 pages | EPUB, PDF | 3 MB

Mystics don't usually write books; they speak and work directly with people in a transformational way. Life Is a Soap Bubble is among the few written statements available from enlightened masters or mystics. Lao Tzu's statements of the Tao Te Ching came into being only at the end of his life. In the same way, Osho's books are transcriptions of his daily talks. This book is a precious collection of 100 letters written by Osho and mailed to a Yoga Sohan at her meditation camp. Osho promised her that he would send her a letter every day and that she should keep them so they could be published one day. This collection of thoughts provides an essential road map to those who feel that there must be something more to life and are ready to explore other dimensions of being. These short passages are full of diverse, pertinent gems that will touch the heart.

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